j-helpless said: /post/92627788130/haters-can-talk-whatever-they-want-cause-ive-got ahhhh thank you so much for my shirts (i got the khiphop one and the zion t one too and I AM IN LOVE WITH THEM) also thanks for putting the mouse pad in that was so lovely of you <3 i hope you have an awesome time in SK, i wanted to come to your hiphop show but i went back home too early ;;

aaaah I hope you like the shirts *_* and that you were happy about the mouse pad kkk ^^ <3 
oooh T-T hope next time you can come throuuuuu !!! <3333
ps: the shirt looks sooo good on you!! you are so beautiful xoxo

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haters can talk whatever they want cause I&#8217;ve got the hottest supporters anyway!!!

sheila-ntbf said: I can already feel how awesome your Block B "Her" mv drawings will be! <3 P.S. Congrats on your own hip-hop show!! Have fun in Korea!!! <333

aww hope I will get the chance to draw “HER” MV soon ^^
thank you soo much dear ! xoxo <33

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annyachu said: I send you something while ago and I'm worried it didn't came. It was a big yellow envelop with a blue envelop inside. I'm worried because I put a lot effort to do everything. Well also I wanted to know your toughs about it. Also, mexican mail isn't really good.

oooh nah I got it!! I actually posted about it on my instagram !!!  I loved it thank you so much! will post it here too <3 it really made me so happy, THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUU xoxo

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lost-panda said: How do you color your artworks? Do you use any specific art program?

an old version of photoshop.. :D I have no special program or a tablet…
some parts I color with markers and then add more colors with photoshop ^^

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my boooooooooy San E wearing the &#8220;Korean Hip Hop&#8221; Shirt by Feggy Min on TV&#160;!!! Facebook / Twitter
a lil bit something about my artworks…

…some people seem to be confused. I hear also people saying that my artworks are “childish”.. but you know what, that’s actually the point.
TO REMAIN A CHILD no matter how old you get.

My artworks used to be very dark and melancholic in the past. Cause that was how I felt back then. I didn’t know what I wanted or how my life would turn around. I felt like floating through space…
But with time I became a much happier and positive person. I had a bigger and better picture of myself and who I was and what I want in life.

Growing up, I was always surrounded by the Hip Hop Culture. I have a 7 years older brother and he used to be a B-Boy and had a group of friends that recorded Music. He would take me to their practise lessons or let me listen to the music they created. It was back in time when the Internet wasn’t this huge and they actually had to spread the word about their  music on the streets, pass it to people.. I was very young but I learned a lot by that. I learned to love what you do and do it with passion. I learned the value of the hardwork. So I was heavily influenced by the Hip Hop Culture… graffiti, breakdance, rap…
Hip Hop was always a part of me, and its lifestyle feels like home to me.

But for me, I am not limited to this.

Even tho I love hip hop with all my heart, there is also this side of me that loves everything cute. I love little weird toys. I (STILL) love cartoons. I love candies, icecream, donuts. I love spaceships and aliens. I love fashion…

These two seem like two totally different worlds but for me, both of them belong to who I AM! This is me.. and the only way to stay true to myself is to accept both parts of it. Why should I deny one from another when both of them makes me happy?

That’s why I love to merge this two world together in my artworks. I love to created childish, colorful looking background around Hip Hop artists that I adore / listen to. It makes me happy to bring these two worlds together… and also to see people from these worlds come together to celebrate this “childish” art. Cause no matter how different we are or seem to be, there can be a same interest we can all come together.

I USED to do realistic artworks… but they are not fun for me anymore. I really LOVE to create imperfect pieces.. I don’t try to make everything clean, I adore it when I can still see some mistakes I made while creating the artwork to always remember the process. I don’t try to make pieces with deep meanings. I just do what makes ME happy, and thats why it’s called MY artworks… I don’t do it to please anyone. I don’t do it to impress others. I just do me.

I always want to do what I really love… cause I know like that I will get “loyal” supporters who love the same things like me. Instead of creating stuff just to impress others and try to be someone I am not…

Seriously, creating this much artworks & work on my clothings, building something from 0 is not easy… it’s far away from that. it takes so much time, so much effort, so much passion, so much hardwork, money… please before you judge anyone, take your time just to think about it. I also hear people saying how I persuaded “artists” that I am a designer… that’s just BS… never in my life I have forced ANYONE to wear my clothes or like what I do.

you don’t have to “like” the art but at least respect the hardwork.

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