Anonymous said: Helloo ~ I want to ask you about your block b her drawings ! Are gonna draw the rest of them ?? I'm really excited to see them 💘💘 (sorry for my english ><)

if i find time i definitely wanna draw the rest too :))) ❤️

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VASCO by Feggy MinFacebook / Twitter

Anonymous said: Just letting you know that I kinda ship you and zico lol ;)

ooooooooooooooh ! lol

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At Feggy Min Hip Hop Show, looking good guys!

beanzino-bitch said: You're fucking awesome~ k bye

You’re more fucking awesome~ k bye

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Anonymous said: Thank you for sharing :) I'm glad it went so well and you got to meet all those artists but most importantly Zico who is your #1 fan I think? haha <3

zico is #teamfeggymin hahhaah lol
thank youuuu <3

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Anonymous said: How come you haven't told us about your second meeting with Zico? :(

I already did.. but then made it private…. I will make it public now for some time and then make it private again ^^

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wow the last Episode of SMTM3 that I went to the recording will air next week :D I wonder how they gonna cut the whole thing

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Samuel Seo @ Feggy Min Hip Hop Showwearing Feggy Min Clothing Facebook / Twitter