first selfie in seoul :D

Anonymous said: Will you be in korean freestyle day? There will be Zico ^^

yees i will go there :D

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Anonymous said: i would love to model for you but i'm not photogenic or special in any way and way too shy to actually apply (wow such rhymes hahaha) anyway, you're awesome!! keep up the great work!

aww pls dont be shy!!! pls apply to much love dear xoxo

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put this messages all together just to say a BIG THANK YOU!I seriously love you all so freakin much and wish you all only the best in life! you guys make my life ! thank you for all your best wishes!!! means so much to me! xoxoxoxoxo

bye bye lovies !!! I will be on my way to Korea tomorrow :)
wish me a safe flight ! I love you all … and I will try my best to keep you updated with everythiiiingggggg ~~

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bbc-on-the-block said: awww im sorry youre hurt! but im glad you still have a positive attitude about everything, its one of the many things i envy about you.

it doesn’t hurt that much anymore ^^ since it was all my fault I really have nothing to complain about than laugh at myself lol
I think positive attitude is really something we have to learn and train everyday to make it a habit ^^
much love dear xoxo <33333333333

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yayyy omg fixed all problems like magic !!!!

power of positive thinking i guess lol

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Eid Mubarak my lovies ❤️

have a wonderful daaaaay ~

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2 days before korea and I fell down on a vacuum with my ass while dancing and jumping around ridicilously gettin myself a wound that makes it painful to walk or to even look at my ass but i cant even be mad cause i am a fool oh and just today burned my left hand with 205° while making a shirt… looking at the red spot on my skin i cant help but smh… life of a feggy aint glamorous… its torture lol

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