Anonymous said: Ahhhhh you look hot with the messy hair ;7;<3

Ahhhhh thank you anon!!! <3

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this is how I look most of the time&#8230;no glam, no shit, juz messy hair and way too big shirts for my tiny body lolFeggy &#8220;Boy&#8221; Min hahaha

brittbrat2017 said: Omg I love the taewoon picture it's amazing. ^^. I loved that you drew taewoon that made my day ^^

yaaay !! :D

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Anonymous said: I likw your zico drawing I guess I don't remember when he wore that outfit but I do love it.

thank you :)
Oh he wore my clothes quiet often , I don’t know which one you mean, but still, thank you lol

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Feggy ★ Min (@feggymin89) | Twitter

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guess whos artwork is my cell phone background?feggyminart

your creations are stunning and you always amaze me with all your new stuff. keep slayin guuuurl.

yaaayyyyyy 😍❤️

there is something about @doyouwannabthelight that makes me want to huuuuuuuuuuuug her

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I need more changes…

more changes with the way I talk, my look, my habits, my health, my energy, my art…my visions, my clothings… my pencils, my books, the movies I watch… the music I listen to… my room, my make up… the way I sit and the way I look at you…

changes changes changes !

so many changes, that every morning I get excited;
'cause nothing is the same. everything feels new. oh so fresh .
every day will be a new challenge, every day will be a new adventure.
every day I will be excited ‘cause there will be even more changes.

NO, I don’t mean that kind of “change” that makes you a different person,
I am talking about the kind of change like the four seasons, the kind of change that brings the very best out of you. the changes that makes your heart sparkle with joy.

the kind of changes that makes life so much more interesting.
and magical.

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